Are You Stuck In A Pile of Shift?

Are You Stuck in a Pile of Shift?


Many of us are so reluctant to change; we get stuck in a pile of shift!  Yes, that’s right; the world is shifting all around us.  Think about it, cell phones shifted into smart phones, voicemail shifted into text, overnight delivery shifted into cloud based document sharing within minutes.  These are some examples of good shifts, but we are also experiencing declining shifts in customer service, common courtesy and respect.  Shifts are all around us, even in our weather patterns, economy & real estate markets.  Our ability to embrace change is what keeps us young and fresh contrary to old and stale.  Most companies that once thrived die simply because they are not flexible to new ideas.  If we don’t keep up the shifts in our world we can miss key opportunities to expand our business. We simply cannot be successful tomorrow with yesterday’s ideas.  The world has shifted!  There’s an old saying in the sales world. “Go where the customers are.”  This is still true today, except customers are found in different places like social media and they respond to different techniques as well.  Cold calling used to be the mark of a strong sales person, yet today, most people do not respond to a cold call.  Most likely, they won’t even answer the call.  Consumers today will post good or bad experiences online and within seconds, tell thousands of people about a particular experience or frustration.  Companies responding with a solution to a problem will out-perform any company pitching for business.  Consumers are much savvier than ever before.  Consumers want education to be in control of their own buying decisions.  And, most importantly they want to feel important and matter to the businesses they patronize.  Those in business need to be aware of the shifts in consumer expectations.  What worked yesterday, even what works today may be old news tomorrow!  Whether we embrace change or despise it, if we want success, we need to pay attention to this shift.

Written By: Victoria Rivadeneira


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