With over 25 years successfully building businesses mainly in the real estate industry, Victoria RIVAdeneira has witnessed a common belief in some companies, that ruthless behavior is not only “acceptable” but too often believed “necessary” for market domination. Victoria RIVAdeneira is proposing a real estate RIVAlution in how we build our business.

Most salespeople entered the real estate business because they wanted to contribute a positive difference in people’s lives. At some point in time, usually when momentum starts and money is earned, ego finds fertile ground to grow creating a new “love of power.”

Imagine what could happen if we remained true to our original purpose of making a positive difference in the lives of others. What could we create if we shifted from the “love of power” to the “power of love” instead? We are in a people business with the success of our business built on the strength of our trusted relationships. Being an extraordinary leader is about making trustworthy decisions formed from a place of love with the true intention to empower and serve others. Although Victoria RIVAdeneira has experienced much tragedy and adversity throughout her life, she credits her success to the fact she remained motivated by her aspiration to love and empower others to achieve excellence. Anyone can hold a title, but it takes a leader to build a foundation of love to create a positive culture others want to be a part of to grow a truly successful business. Allow this book to serve as a guide to becoming a leader that creates a great culture that delivers desired results of growth & productivity born from love, kindness & strong relationships.


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