Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

I sing in the car.  Yes, I am the President of the US Northeast Division for EXIT Realty Corp. Int’l and as assertive and driven as my behavioral profile may be, I just admitted I sing in the car and I don’t care who sees me.  Now, don’t let your imagination get carried away, I’m not stopping traffic and making a fool of myself, but I do sing.  Like nearly everyone in the real estate industry, I spend a lot of time in my car.  For me, these are often long road trips from region to region.  This can be lonely and exhausting, yet, I find it to be quite the opposite.  I find my time on the road exhilarating, an opportunity to catch up on calls (hands free, of course) to stay connected and a time to recharge my attitude with music.  I sing lyrics that keep my mood positive.  Music energizes most people and can keep you optimistic when challenges can beat you down.  It’s important to keep smiling and keep our attitude positive.

Every year I am asked to choose one word I want more of in my life.  My word for 2015 was “happy.”  I could have chosen a word like success, driven, focus or another word along those lines, yet I chose “happy.”  It’s not that I don’t want more of any of the other words I just mentioned, but I realized when I am happiest, I attract all of the energy described in the aforementioned words.  My theory is success doesn’t bring happiness, but rather the reverse is true,  happiness brings success.  Happiness isn’t something that comes to you, it’s something you create.  It’s all about finding things to be grateful for in our everyday life that makes us happy.  When we adopt a positive attitude, each day becomes a rewarding adventure instead of something we need to stumble through hoping we don’t fall down.  The better our attitude, the better we are at facing difficulties.  And, a positive attitude will attract other positive people.  We all want positive talent in our circle of influence and this is where it begins.  The right culture fit is everything and good leaders build a following because of who they are and what they stand for.  If you show others you bring a positive influence into their life, then you will inevitably attract the right talent and clientele to join you on your journey.

One of the greatest messages at EXIT is to practice affirmations.  Positive self talk.  There are many scientific reasons for this.  To sum it up without going too deep, it’s all about your vibe attracting your tribe.  Everyone wants to be surrounded by positive success.  It’s uplifting and inspiring but most of all it’s contagious.  The Spring Market of 2015 is filled with many reasons to smile.  We are currently experiencing buyer confidence that is driving the market.  This is making sellers much more optimistic as well.  Homebuilders are also reporting new home sales have picked up confirming the rise of consumer confidence.  Recent changes by the Federal Housing Administration stand to lower the cost of mortgage insurance and down payment requirements for first time homebuyers.  Add to this the remaining low interest rates and we find ourselves positioned for a very good Spring market.  And, this is driving more people to register for courses to get their real estate license and explore a career in real estate.  All of this drives growth and productivity which will increase profitability for all EXIT Realty leaders positioning themselves to attract more positive energy, talent and business.  It’s a GREAT time to be in real estate and an even better time to be affiliated with EXIT Realty!  When the stresses of everyday begin to get the best of you, smile, stay positive, be grateful and even if you can’t carry a tune, SING!  I wish you all much happiness always!


Written by:  Victoria Rivadeneira



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